XCEL Corp is committed to deliver world-class solutions through progressive and innovative technology that propel our clients to achieve their IT strategy and business goals.

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About Us

Accepting Every Challenge and Meeting the World’s Expectations


A Global Leader in Technology

XCEL Solutions Corp is a global IT service provider that delivers versatile solutions by optimizing technology to achieve corporate objectives. We tackle the toughest challenges for businesses with a potent amalgamation of strategic planning, knowledge, and skills to provide high-quality solutions that best fit every client’s technological as well as business needs. We graciously invest in people and technologies to achieve and maintain the highest levels of expertise and implementation. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a proven track record of success servicing Fortune 500, Inc. 1000 and other companies worldwide with over 15+ years of experience and a strong and stable financial history.

How We Differ?

The Information Technology Service Industry has undergone many changes in last decades (outsourcing, offshore model) etc., but one thing that has not made a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. We think passion and perfection are all our customers deserve. XCEL leverage the strengths to build the proficiency that presents an advantage to our customers and business.

XCEL’s business model is very customer-centric. We strongly believe in repetitive business from our existing customers and referral for new customers.

Our Industry Offerings

As a leader in IT system integration, professional services, and software development, XCEL Corp is committed in providing high-quality software services worldwide. Our core competency arms us with the ability to create vertical solutions and build domain expertise among wide industries.

Banking & Finance
Media and Publications
Retail Shops
Government and Educational
Insurance Services
Automotive Industry
Oil and Energy
Professional Services

Highlights of Our Services

XCEL Corp offers Customer-oriented software services and more importantly, deliver them efficiently. Through our unique methodology and services, we enhance the business operation of our clients by developing and implementing first-class IT products. The services we offer are:

Software Development (including both turn-key and COTS)
Professional / Business Consulting Services
Project Management
Remote Infrastructure / Application Support / Database Support
Application Performance Tuning (APM)
nShore Service (On, Off, Near, Best, Distributed Shore Model)
Infrastructure & Performance Analysis
Research & Development (SAMKU Software Research Lab)
Training & Development
IT Staffing and Recruiting
Web Design / Graphics / Development
Educational and University Research Activities

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