Project Management in IT and Challenges and Benefits


IT Project Management is the process of planning, organizing, and drafting responsibility to complete an organization’s specific IT targets. Project management is vast and vital area in IT. Project management could be used accomplish various different targets in an organization’s IT requirements, some of them are

  • Software Development
  • Cloud Migration
  • Network upgrades
  • Hardware installation
  • Business analytics
  • Virtualization
  • Data management
  • Implementing IT services


Each of these different projects requires different expertise and skill sets to accomplish. Apart from these goals, there are various other things that are part of project management. It is the responsibility of the project manager and the project management team to ensure successful completion of the projects. Projects completion could be affected by various different challenges. Some of the challenges in project management are:

Deviation from the Business Objectives:

Projects are initiated to achieve certain goals or business objectives of the organization. During the beginning of the project, the objectives and business goals are aligned. But, during the course of the project, there may be situations where the objectives should be re-aligned with the business goals. Failing to do so will cause the project to lose its purpose.

Managing Resources:

In an organization, there may be multiple projects assigned to a single resource. At other times, a single resource with a highly specific skill set would be required at multiple projects. Arranging the right timelines for each resource could be a major challenge in IT project management.

Sub standard business value:

All projects are initiated to bring certain amount of revenue to the organization. However, there might be few difficulties in the project where it is not able to provide what the organization had expected. In some occasions, the project may be completed late leading to a significant loss in revenue or in business opportunities.

Lack of Accountability:

When sections of a single project function autonomously, it could lead to a severe lack of accountability. This could lead to major consequences like not monitoring and communication project milestones and budgets could lead to severe delay in project completion.

Delayed Delivery:

This is one of the most important challenges to project management services in IT. If the project completion is delayed, they project may not be able to deliver a significant part of its objectives. This could also lead to reduced revenue and drastically low ROI.


While these are some of the major challenges to project management in IT, these challenges could be overcome by choosing the right project management team. Choosing the right project managers could bring a host of benefits for organizations looking to implement various IT projects. Project management is necessary regardless of the size of your project or your timeframe. Here are some of benefits of hiring the right project management team.

  • Cost Control 

    Without proper planning, the cost of your project could sky rocket at any time. Project managers help you to allocate your budget with efficiency and prevent sudden expenses.

  • Prioritize Right 

    In certain organizations, implementing a project may not be the primary priority. In other cases, organizations would not have resources or time to complete a project. Here project managers could ensure the project is completed and also allow you to focus on your important tasks.

  • Sharing Ideas 

    Usually project managers collaborate with the organizations during the course of the project to facilitate iterations. This enables organizations to consider different perspectives and get the best way to achieve their business goals.

  • Manage Delivery Times 

    Organizations are challenged by project completion timelines to realize their targets. Project managers keep tabs on the timelines and facilitate better coordination to ensure projects are completed on time.

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Bhavani Suri ( Content Writer)

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