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Things That Are Mere Myths about Managed Services Providers


There has always been a still competition between Managed Service Providers and Staff Augmentation Service Providers. Somehow this has led to a lot of different myths being spread against each other. Marketers do what marketers have to do – sell their services at all costs. Whether MSPs are right or the Staffing Service providers are right, is not the question we are going to address here today. Our concept here is a far simpler one. We are going to dispel some of the stupidest and ignorant myths about managed service providers.

Managed Services and Staff Augmentation actually play different roles in an organization and could be taken individually. To learn what Managed Service Providers can do for you, read one of our previous blogs here. We have also already spoken about the mistakes MSPs do in an article here.

Here are some of the biggest myths about Managed Services and Managed Service Providers

1. MSPs will burn your money:

We have addressed this right at the beginning because this is simply not true. If your MSP is burning a hole in your pocket, you should probably fire them right now and hire another right now. The reason you hire an MSP for the IT requirements of your organization is actually to improve the productivity of your organization. Your MSP should be able to streamline your processes and update your infrastructure to meet your organization’s demands. This in turn would increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization leading to increased profits. That’s why you should always emphasize on an ROI estimate before you hire an MSP.

2. MSPs make you lose Control over your data:

Professionals in IT managed services usually take necessary measures to preserve and protect your data. Their livelihood depends on it. If you learn about the managed service provider who has infringed on the data of their partner organization, would you hire them? Managed Service Providers make your data secure and reliable. MSPs actually utilize your organization’s data to draw business intelligence and insights that could help improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization. So quite the opposite of this myth is the fact – MSPs don’t take control over your data, instead help you to take better control over it.

3. Steal Jobs from you IT dept:

No they don’t and that is not their intention once again. Managed service providers would in fact be more beneficial for your organization if you actually have an in-house IT department working for you. This helps in the communication of updates and upgrades to all the members of the organization effectively. A MSP intends to take up the mundane tasks of your IT department and make your resources available to concentrate on your core competency. Hiring an MSP could actually be a boost to your internal IT staff as they would be more prominent within your organization increasing their confidence and job satisfaction.

4. Bigger MSPs are Better than Smaller Ones:

This sometimes translates to more people means better service which is simply not true. This is however a common human tendency to believe and invest in big brand names instead of finding a service provider who would best fit the requirements of your organization. One of the most important factors to consider while hiring a managed service provider is the scalability. Your MSP should be able to increase or decrease the costing of their service depending your need and fluctuating requirements. Just having a lot of people to work for you wouldn’t help in solving the issues, whereas a MSP with proven scalability of services can increase the profits of your organization.

5. All Managed Service Providers are same:

If this was a fact, then there would simply be only one managed service provider around. But, there are many because of the need and also the quality of services each of them provide. Sometimes you might have had a bad partnership with a MSP who did not deliver what was promised, but don’t let that stop your business from benefiting from a Managed Service Provider. Just like hiring the person for the role in recruitment, it is always good to spend time in finding the right managed service provider for your organization.

You can read this blog here if you are interested to learn what to look for in a managed service provider. XCEL Solutions Corp is one of the leading managed service provider in New Jersey. If you are looking for a MSP to boost your organization, get in touch with us right now.

Author: Jit Goel ( President/CEO )

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