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Internet of Things (IoT) & Its Real-time Applications


What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is nothing but a giant network of connected devices which can connect and share data between them. Anyone with an internet connected smart home systems and a Smartphone can find IoT as a part of your daily life. IoT allows you to access and control various devices connected to the internet with the help of your Smartphone.

How does it work?

Devices and objects with built-in sensors are connected to IoT platform which enables it to exchange data between different devices. The IoT system then analyzes the received data to provide the user with a right decision or information. IoT has a wide range of real-time applications. In the below, we have explained few of them for your better understanding.

IoT in Home

Assume you have all your electronic appliances at home connected to the IoT platform. Now they collect and exchange data between them through the IoT platform. For example, let us say the current temperature of the room increases, the IoT allows your AC to turn on and adjust its temperature automatically as per your need without the need for human intervention. It also helps you to automate the turning ON/OFF of your electric bulbs based on intervals you set. Thus in your home, IoT has numerous applications that you can find more useful and helpful.

IoT in Shipments

IoT can play a significant role in the shipment industry. Consider you are sending certain goods to a company or a resident in some other country. Adding a sensor to your package ensures you to keep track of its current location as well as the safety of that while being transported. This way you can better understand the factors that can cause any delay to the timely delivery of the product and improve your shipment to provide better customer experience.

IoT in Transportation

Let’s say you own a car and plan to hit the road for a long trip on your weekend. While you are in mid-way to your destination, you receive an alert saying check your engine in your car. This alert is triggered by a sensor which is present in some part of your car which needs attention. A diagnostic bus which is present in the car groups the data from these sensors and triggers an alert. Then, it sends a message to the manufacturer, so that they can alert you to the reach the nearby service station where you can get it fixed without any delay.

Author: Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Jack ( Content Writer )

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