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5 Keys to Mobile Application Success


Mobiles are transforming humanity in unprecedented ways. There are mobile applications for everything ranging from games and entertainment to health and Fitness. Over the past 3-5 years mobile applications became essential to human life from being just a luxury. Today, mobile applications have brought incredible options for people right at the palm of their hands. This has created a boom in the IT industry for mobile application development.

This is boom however diluted the quality of applications being built. For any mobile user, the apps in their phone are the ones which they use every day. While there are millions of applications around, people use only a handful of applications in everyday life. So, the success and failure of a mobile application is like walking a thin tight rope.

Developing mobile applications are usually very expensive. So, when your mobile application does not do its intended purpose, then you tend lose large amounts of money. So what are the ways to get your mobile application right? Here are 5 key points to ensure that your mobile application is successful.

1. Put Mobile First:

Like we have already mentioned, mobiles are transforming people’s everyday lives. So when you are in the idea of developing a mobile application, make sure you give it its importance. Some people choose to create mobile applications just as an alternative to mobile responsive website. This is one of the major reasons for failure. People could always view websites from browsers and do not need applications that they have to download and use regularly.

When you create a mobile application, make sure that it is developed in a way that is measurably beneficial to your business. Find out how this mobile application could enable business development for your company and design the application to satisfy that need.

2. What does it do?

It is important for you to establish which area of your business that the mobile application enhances or contributes to. You could identify a problem your customers face and then plan on how your mobile application could help resolve that issue. Users delete mobile applications not because they don’t have space, but because they don’t find any use for it. So if you have identified the issue your mobile application is going solve, then you have already crossed the half way point to mobile application success.

The best way to zero down on an issue for your app is designed to fix is by doing research in the market and most importantly with your customers. Then, you could also identify areas in your business where you app could drive growth. Is there a product or service that could fare well in the mobile platform? This could also behind the reason for construction of your mobile app.

3. Keep it user friendly and interactive:

One tendency of mobile application developers is to pack in as many features into an app even before its release. These people are of the opinion that if a feature worked on an earlier app, then it should work on yours as well. This is not however true. The more features your application has will create higher number of bugs and reduce the usability of your application.

Users are also looking for apps that are simple and easy to use. Highly cluttered apps with too many features are sure to become a failure with the users. It is ideal for applications to be user friendly to be successful. Lesser features mean faster loading and a lighter application which easily accommodates itself in people’s mobiles.

4. Set Targets and Measure Success:

While it is important to identify the issue your app is intended to fix, it is also important for business to set targets which could be achieved as a result of developing a successful mobile application. Business should be able set a target of growth or brand recognition which they intend to achieve through this mobile application. Setting targets also mean you can measure the success or failure of your application.

When you measure the success of your app, you can optimize it to make it perform better. On the other side, if your application is achieving the targets, you can make changes to your app to reach even more audience. You can also use the customer feedback to add features to your app or fix bugs to make your application better and generate more revenue.

5. Market Your App:

While there are millions of applications online, how do you make people use your application out of the lot? You do it through marketing. Applications that are developed perfectly and have a purpose to serve also become insignificant in the market due to lack of marketing. The success of your app is mostly determined by how many users it has. Using digital marketing methods like PPC could increase application usage a great deal.
You would also do well if you could create hype before your app is released in the market. When there is hype, some of the minor bugs go unnoticed during the time of release giving the developers to time to fix the bugs and update the application.

Apart from following these 5 important keys to mobile application success, one other factor determined the success rate of your app. The Mobile Application Developers you choose to work with influences how successful your app could be. In is important that Mobile App Developers are knowledgeable about the latest tech and are of the mindset that resonates with your purpose of building your app.

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