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How is Cloud Computing Changing in Recent Times?


From being an experimental technology just over a decade ago, Cloud Computing technology has become an integral part of the IT infrastructure of numerous organizations all around the world. Recent statistics show about 60% of all SMBs have started using cloud computing. The technology has achieved tremendous growth with many large cloud providers including Microsoft, AWS, and IBM in the fray.

According to a Forrester Research report, 38% of decision makes in enterprises in America and Europe have understood the importance of cloud and are procuring private cloud. As more enterprises and small business are looking to take their core functionalities on cloud, the technology is fast evolving to accommodate and address the demands brought by the industry.

There are several significant changes in Cloud technology in recent times, we would like to list some of them here to understand and predict the evolution of cloud.

Hybrid on the rise:

The Forrester Research report claims that about 59% of decision makers pertaining to IT in large enterprises prefer to use hybrid cloud hosting. There has been an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of both public and private cloud. While public cloud is cost effective and easily manageable, IT experts believe that only private cloud can provide the flexibility of personalized solutions and better security. With the recent rise in Hybrid method, the debate could be set aside and more organizations could benefit from the advantages of both methods.

Big Data integration:

Many cloud service providers are working on the scalability of the technology to make it available and affordable for more small and medium sized businesses. Big data solutions and cloud computing have been the leading topics in IT for a considerable period of time now. Trying to make the technology more scalable, many cloud service providers have also integrated Big Data solutions along with cloud. Cloud providers are also trying to leverage Hadoop, from being an open source platform to an enterprise-ready service to overcome technical barriers and neutralize the need of a data scientist.

Increased Impact of Mobility:

Mobility solutions have become a vital link for many SMBs which have its professionals working across diverse geographical locations. The connectivity they enjoy is made possible through cloud technology. Cloud technology has increased in the impact of mobility with service providers leveraging the technology for BYOD mobile applications. With more users uploading personal and professional data on cloud, IT experts are increasing the usage of Cloud technology in BYOD environments.

Graphics as a Service:

With increasing demand of design and editing software on high end computing infrastructure, many organizations are trying to counter the expenditure by subscribing to cloud based graphics infrastructure. Now graphic designers could use graphic intensive software from their basic HTML 5 web browsers from anywhere in the world. There has been increasing reception for Graphics as a Service and many big graphic technology providers have taken notice. Enterprises like NVIDIA and AMD are using cloud technology to help designers to access high-end graphic design applications online.


Games have taken the mobile world by storm. With Social APK integrations, enterprises are taking the Gamification route to get better access of user data and cloud technology is making this possible. A study published on Garter claims, even as early as 2014 70% of all Fortune 2000 companies were using cloud based Gamification applications. Gamification enables enterprises to understand user behavior and increase interactivity and consumer participation. This could be a major avenue in Cloud Technology in the years to come.

Cloud technology has become an integral and inevitable part of the IT infrastructure for organizations of all sizes. Cloud technology is will continue to grow and shows no signs of saturation. However, the challenge is in finding the right cloud solutions provider who could leverage the technology to increase your profits.

With the hype around cloud technology, service providers are charging exorbitant rates even for menial services on the cloud. However, at XCEL Corp, our professionals could help you in establishing and implementing highly efficient cloud based applications. Today, to meet the demands of the customers many organizations are taking to cloud transformation. XCEL Solutions Corp, being a pioneer in cloud technology in the United States, could help your organization make the cloud transformation seamlessly.

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