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Why should you Choose Custom Website Design?


Web design plays an important role on how your website is developed. There are technically two ways of doing it. One is by using a template for an open-source web hosting like WordPress and making customizations to suit your needs. Second is by designing your website from the scratch based on the custom requirements of your business. This however requires a professional web designer to get it right and comparatively a little more expensive.

Template Web Design:

Template web design is fast and quick and helps you to get your website up and running in quick time. Sometimes when the requirement is more, people tend to choose services like Wix or Squarespace which provide hosting, e-mail, and e-commerce along with your template. It is focused on DIY web developers who are just developing a website for their business alone. While setting up the website itself is quite easy, you would require professional help for additional features like forms and e-commerce integration.

As a downside to template web design, many themes that are bought have features that you may not require. These features take up space and make your website slower. Themes might have also have design and elements that would not be suitable for your brand and changing them will again require a professional web designer.

Custom Web Design:

Custom web design is where you work with a professional web designer or a web designing company to get the design of your website customized to the requirements and needs of your business. A good web design company would interact with your and address your requirements while also incorporating SEO best practices to make your website work for your businesses and achieve your business goals.

With custom web design, you will also get custom features required for your business. While custom web design may take up more time during the initial stages, on the long run, a custom designed website will perform according the requirements of your business. Custom made websites help you to stop worrying about how the website is going to turn out and instead focus on improving your business.

Other than these major differences between Template web design and custom web design, the latter has many more advantages. Here are 5 advantages of custom website design.


1. Uniqueness

When using templates, however expensive or unique, there is always a chance it is used by another website as well. No matter how many customizations you make, it will still be similar to at least one website that uses the same template. So, if you want to make your brand stand out from the competition, then custom web design is the way to go. You can ensure that your website is completely unique and there’s only one of it in the internet.

2. Focused on business objectives

The end result for any website is not just that it is responsive, looks great, and functions well but should also enable you to achieve your business goals. These business goals could be to increase more visits to your store, getting business leads, engagements, customer retention, customer loyalty plans and more. A web designer would help in guiding your audience to the sections that they are looking for with ease. A good design helps in ensuring that your customers to trust in your brand and purchase your products without a second thought.

3. User Friendly

It doesn’t matter how good your products and services are if your website is not user friendly to your customers. You have to put yourself in the place of your customer and think how they would behave when they are on your website. Professional web designers do this while designing every aspect of your website to ensure user friendliness. Custom built website are user friendly not just for the customer but also for your back end support team which manages your site.

4. SEO Friendly

The importance of SEO can never be overstated in the current digital world and SEO has evolved and transformed a great deal in the recent years. SEO is not just adding relevant keywords to the content, there are a lot of SEO activity and features in the website that needs to be addressed. A custom built website will give you the freedom of implementing and utilizing the various different SEO features. A custom web design will help your website rank higher on SERPs than template designed ones as they are also unique by design.

5. Cost Effective

This might be surprising as generally people prefer to use templates as they are cheaper than using a professional web designer. But, the statistics tell you a different story. At XCEL Corp, we have built custom designed website that are incredibly cost effective. With unrivaled customer support and our services are much more cost effective on the longer run.

If you are looking for a custom designed website suitable for your organization, get in touch with XCEL Corp today!

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