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ERP / CRM Services

Seize the opportunity and gain a competitive advantage

Delivering a technology doesn’t end with requirement gathering, development, and deployment. It is much more than that. Achieve your strategic business initiatives with XCEL Corp’s ERP / CRM solutions. While we offer broader business perspectives, we also ensure that your technology investment is spent wisely. Our business consultants go above and beyond simply implementing a new software. Their goal is not just centralizing data and automating processes. They enhance an organization’s overall performance and inculcate a competitive edge that is imperative in today’s global marketplace. Get XCEL Corp’s mission-critical and high-quality custom IT solutions to deliver cross-functional, and workshop driven capabilities. We have a large pool of talented professionals who are certified in the utilization of the latest tools and technologies surrounding ERP and CRM.

Advantages of XCEL Corp’s Integrated Offerings

To run processes effectively, it is imperative to get an ERP and that is complemented with an integrated CRM system not just to manage customer data but to also steer capital resources. As disparate systems, they do encompass substantial benefits. But in today’s data-driven world, agility is crucial to provide seamless data flows and improved visibility.

Here are some of the benefits of XCEL Corp’s integrated ERP and CRM services.

Enhanced mobility and on-the-go access to customer data
Information is streamlined and collaborated with effective integration
Real-time information accessibility is lucid as well as fast
Tedious data-entry and duplication is eliminated
Better order, quote, and inventory management
Minimized IT overheads as well as training requirements

Our ERP/CRM Services

Finance Management

Fierce competition and periodic regulatory requirements can stunt the growth of any financial institution. There is a direct link between the ability to manage growth and tame costs and the agility, flexibility, and scalability of a finance firm. Streamline all your financial operations with XCEL Corp’s customized back-office software solutions. It operates practically and adapts to a quickly changing market while even ensuring amenability to government regulations. For effective inter-departmental regulations, you can use our ERP tools as well to manage your accounts, payroll and employee records.

Human Resources

Optimize Human Resource functioning with the help of XCEL Corp’s software applications that eliminate some really cumbersome tasks. Designed for record keeping and updating, the software will focus on keeping all your employees productive and healthy. A customized HR architecture and centralization of information reduces paper processes and improves people engagement. The complete HR Suite of functions includes Sourcing, recruiting, descriptions and definitions, goals, performance review, planning succession, compensation management, talent profile and competency platform along with analytics, reporting, and other integration tools.


Eliminate unnecessary manufacturing downtimes, increase production efficiency and enhance supply-chain performance with XCEL Corp’s software solutions that resolve all your manufacturing challenges. We know that every manufacturing unit is distinctive and comes with specialized processes and significant business requirements. We develop single-vision solutions with a consistent user interface to provide you with a holistic, 360-degree view of your customers in congruence to your production. While trimming your overall cost and providing quicker ROIs, our solutions will also foster sales, automate product tracking and even control your vendors.

Supply Chain Management

The complexity of conducting operations spread across multiple locations and the constant pressure of changing regulations are some of the biggest distribution challenges endured by B2B and B2C organizations. XCEL Corp develops feature-rich ERP solutions that aggregate itself as an integral part of your supply chain. All labor-intensive activities are automated for operational efficacy while providing real-time visibility to all aspects of the business. A timely SCM accounts for a great brand-building exercise and plays a big role in boosting customer confidence. Combine multiple data points fastidiously with our innovation, to move your business to the next level.

Project Management

Planning is the key to every project progress. When project managers embark on a project, timelines are tight, communication is disconnected, and there is operational opaqueness. Besides, there are goal-related dynamics and mounting costs. Within a project, all of these can be tackled with the help of XCEL Corp’s Project Management Solutions designed to collaborate, connect, communicate and control. The software enables project planning, scheduling, organizing roles and responsibilities, budgeting, logging issues and monitoring the core team as well as vendor performance. With our intelligence enterprises can be assured of administering tasks effectively, and defining all key resources accurately.

Customer Relationship Management

Strategize and close more sales, reach out to more customers and provide enhanced customer services with XCEL Corp’s CRM solutions. Strengthen your customer relationships while building a CRM that will also be the epicenter of your enterprise’s workflow, activities, and processes. The solution clearly expands your business while retaining your existing clients. Customer needs are better anticipated and product cross-selling is augmented. This is also one of the best ways to effectively perform targeted marketing.

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