XCEL Corp is committed to deliver world-class solutions through progressive and innovative technology that propel our clients to achieve their IT strategy and business goals.

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Software Development Services

Transforming your digital dreams into a reality through business-oriented software solutions

XCEL CORP provides leading custom software development services on a variety of technology platforms. With a clear focus on quality assurance, we deliver complex world-class software solutions to dynamic startup businesses as well as large enterprises. We possess an impeccable track record spanning over 15 years inclusive of developing many successful software products. Our initiatives have effectuated millions of dollars in terms of revenue for our clients. We combine technological prowess with a peerless commitment to deliver 100% customer satisfaction thus becoming an evident option for companies that are scouring for customized software development services.

While integrating the latest technology with existing enterprise architecture, we deliver project components by even amplifying in-house resources were required to visualize end products through interactive, user-friendly, engaging and impressive multimedia environments.


XCEL Corp provides a full spectrum of software development services to businesses around the globe. There are several benefits to utilizing XCEL Corp’s effective and innovative custom software products.


With XCEL Corp you get to choose and use the latest software development technology to decide and design your app according to your goals and aspirations. We offer trend-setting disruptive technologies to create applications that will work the way you want them to.

Lowered operating expenses and enhanced flexibility

Our development process prevents recurring expenses of newer equipment and supplies required for software development. We offer the best possible solution, at the best possible prices.

Business productivity through streamlined processes

As a company policy, we give a lot of importance to time and thus ensure adherence to the most stringent of deadlines. Skilled professionals follow every module involved within the Software Development Life Cycle, carefully from design up until successful deployment. Overall, the final product fortifies seamless process flows across enterprises thus leaving little room for error and automatically raising productivity levels.


As a skilled software development company, USA, XCEL Corp applies scalability to every software that is developed in our labs. Ready-made software solutions are suitable only for current business environments. But our software development programs ensure that the final product is future-ready and can accommodate every change that the company undergoes under rapidly changing market scenarios.


It is extremely important for organizations to choose the right kind of application development partner. XCEL Corp believes in constructive partnerships and therefore shares the clients’ aspirations to raise the company’s function to its maximum efficiency levels.

Our Software Development Approach

While administering effective, end-to-end product development solutions, XCEL Corp also aims to modernize operations in order to maximize business objectives. With several project considerations, we adopt an iterative and incremental approach to software development in synthesis with methodologies based on AGILE and WATERFALL frameworks to evolve self-organizing solutions.

Digital Product

XCEL Corp addresses complex business challenges through intelligent digital product designs that enable new revenue streams and transform business models. As skilled providers, we take you from concept to MVP to deployment with absolute ease.

Mobile Application

Going mobile adds value to your business while helping streamline your business operations. XCEL Corp leverages extensive experience to prepare business and industry-specific solutions by building impactful mobile apps. We build, test and release your five-star rated mobile application to elevate employee productivity, business security, and key operations.

Architecture Services

From analysis to design, from evolution to evaluation, XCEL Corp develops mature, multi-dimensional and advanced software architectures by applying sophisticated technical capabilities to build platforms enabling product usage under different conditions. Our architecture services help you choose language, framework, design pattern, standard, or platform that is most appropriate for you.

Cloud Services

As proven leaders in Cloud development services, XCEL Corp provides assistance with developing, migrating, integration and working of applications smoothly on the cloud platform. We also help you develop robust cloud applications and other legacy applications using JEE, NET, PHP technologies.

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