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5 Major Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation


The process of augmenting your existing staff with temporary professionals as per need basis is known as Staff Augmentation. The reason why staff augmentation is so common in the IT industry is because of the innumerable projects. While many companies do possess the expertise to handle all their demands, some may not have specific knowledge or expertise about a particular area. During such situations, companies are forced to augment their existing staff with new professionals on per project basis.

Sometimes organizations could also be short of resource to complete a project on time. In such a scenario, hiring permanent staff might accomplish the task at hand, but you will have to end up paying them year round without assigning further tasks with them. There are many reasons why IT companies are looking more and more towards Staff Augmentation.

Here are 5 Major advantage of Staff Augmentation

1. Cost Effective:

Staff augmentation helps IT enterprises to cut costs in various levels. First, as already mentioned, you can pay augmentation workers only for the period of time they work. You don’t have to spend on recruiting, employee benefits, taxes and more. It also helps reducing the cost training new professionals as augmentation workers are selected because of their expertise in a particular area and require very little acclimatization training.

2. Increased Adaptability & Flexibility:

The scalability of your organization is greatly benefited by staff augmentation services. You can afford to take up projects of all sizes and never say no to your customers’ requirements. With Staff augmentation, you scale the size of your work force according to the demands. It also helps you to diversify your services can provide great quality solutions with the expertise gained from the temporary staff.

3. Better Control:

Compared to complete outsourcing, Staff Augmentation allows you keep control of your project at all times and perform regular monitoring. When you have outsourced your project completely, you will not be able to track the progress of your project and quality of your project is also completely dependent on the outsourced team. With staff augmentation, you can place the augmentation staff at any requirement to improve the efficiency of the project. It also helps to reduce the privacy and security risk which is common with normal outsourcing.

4. A New Perspective:

An augmented staff is not affected with your organization’s internal cultural politics and inefficiencies. As a temporary worker, there is no need for them to get involved with your office’s internal politics and could also bring efficiency and discipline to your office to improve the performance of your existing permanent staff. The temporary staff can also offer you an objective outlook on the project from a new perspective. This gives organizations a better way to understand the project and the process of completing the project.

5. Counteract Attrition:

In many situations, the need for staff augmentation arises because of an unexpected attrition. Staff Augmentation allows enterprises not get stagnated in crucial project management and delivery times. Recent statistics show, as the economy grows, up to 40% of IT employees are looking for quick job changes. Staff augmentation could be the perfect solution for both parties as companies could always be adequately staffed all times and professionals could put their skills and expertise to better use on a larger arena.


Like all services and solutions, Staff augmentation also has certain minor drawbacks. Such drawbacks are usually based on the service provider you choose to associate your enterprise with. Staffing agencies are responsible to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. But, due to demand, there has been a dilution of the standard of expertise these companies provide through their staff. Substandard expertise defeats the purpose of augmentation and affects the project adversely. Sometimes, augmented staff find it difficult to get acclimatized at the new place of work, again reducing efficiency and delaying project completion.

One of the easiest ways to avoid such drawbacks is by working with a reputed and reliable staffing services agency. The best way to achieve maximum efficiency and augment your workforce effectively is by working with XCEL Corp.

XCEL Corp is a Global Leader in IT and knows about the various challenges IT enterprises face during their project management lifecycle. With a global presence, XCEL Corp could find the right staffing solution from their international pool of highly trained IT staff. With transparent pricing and business practices, you can augment your workforce exactly the way you want with XCEL Solutions Corp’s Staff Augmentation Services.

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Author: Jit Goel ( President/CEO )

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