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Why Should Your App be On the Windows Market Place?


We all are quite familiar that Google’s Playstore and Apple’s App Store dominate the mobile applications market all over the world. Coming in at a distant third on the mobile applications market, Windows phone applications do not receive enough attention it deserves as it has very few users. When most of your customers are using Android and iOS phones, why should your application be present in the Windows Marketplace?

Windows phones by themselves are considered to be not user-friendly and are difficult for applications created on different platforms to be integrated. Over the years, Microsoft has tried many ways to make their mobile phones and operating system popular and some of them have worked. However, to maintain good user experience, getting your app on the Windows Marketplace is more difficult compared to the Google Play.

Contrary to popular belief, windows phones are of good quality and also offer a great interface. There are many things that are simplified on the windows phone compared to other operating systems. Recent market trends are also showing growth of windows phone users. Ever since Windows 8 was introduced, it has become incredibly easier for developers to create windows applications.

There are many reasons why you should make your application available to windows phone users and the windows marketplace. When you want your application to used worldwide, you should ensure that it is available in all markets including the Windows Marketplace. Apart from the global reach, there are numerous other reasons. Here we are explaining 5 important reasons why your app should be on the windows Marketplace.

1. Best for Enterprise Applications

Windows is the ultimate operating system for PC and is undisputed. Today, there are more people who changing to the work from your mobile and remote location with enterprise applications. When your enterprise network runs on windows, it is great for you to develop enterprise applications for windows mobile it is much easier to integrate and provides greater efficiency. Windows mobile applications allow individual users and corporate executives to productively perform all their tasks on the go.

2. The changing market

Like we have already mentioned, the applications market is dominated by Google and yet Microsoft finds a significant spot. If you are looking to create new applications, this is the right time to get on the Windows Marketplace. There is very less competition, this will help your app to stand out and attract users. The timing is right because, after Windows 10 was introduced, there are more people using windows applications as the applications for the PC and the Windows Mobile are same and easy to develop.

3. Easy to Develop

Developers truly enjoy developing applications for windows simply because of the options it provides them. Windows also empowers developers with the Universal Windows Platform which allows you to create a single app for a wide range of devices. From PC, to Phones, to your Xbox, UWP allows you to create robust applications that are compatible with all the devices. Irrespective of the language you use for coding, windows offers wide range of tools including Bash, and Powershell. Windows tools also allow you use middleware and game engines to increase the reach of your codebase.

4. Marketing:

The windows marketplace is also great place to market your application to the global audience you are trying to reach. While it may lack in ASO features that Google Play or the App Store has, Microsoft still gives adequate options to perform ASO activities to market your app successfully. It also gives you plenty of options to monetize your application and Microsoft has also takes steps to encourage developers to use the windows platform.

5. Consistent Performance across all devices:

One of the things that is great of Apple Mobile daevices is that the applications developed on the platform provide consistent User Experience across devices. This is also because when it comes to Apple, the hardware is usually the ones that they create and doesn’t have great variety. In Android, with so many devices and so many device manufacturers it is difficult for developers to provide consistent performance across all devices. With Windows however, there are few devices that are available and the operating system is well integrated with all devices enabling developers to create apps that deliver high quality performance across all devices.

If you have already created an application on other platforms, this is the right time to make it available on Windows Marketplace as well. If you are looking for a enterprise application for your company, Windows would be right choice of platform for you to develop.

The catch however is that you need a certain degree of expertise for windows applications to be developed successfully. We at InteractiveUX specialize in developing windows applications and can ensure that your app idea will take shape and be executed in the right way.

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