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Applications of Big Data Analytics in Industries


In the current era of technology, there is a huge surge in handling large amounts of data within a company or industry to serve the customers with the right product. A business that involves quick and agile decisions to stay competitive most likely makes use of big data analytics. Here is how it is used in different industries:

Travel and Hospitality

Customer satisfaction plays a key role in the travel and hotel industry. Even the simplest things matter the most to the customers. For example in resorts and casinos, they have a very less opportunity of having a returning customer. Big data analytics helps such businesses the ability to collect and analyze the customer data to gain immediate insights into the potential problems before it’s too late.

Health Care

Big data analytics is a boon to the healthcare industry. In hospitals and health care centers, they have a huge amount of patient records, health plans, treatment history and many other types of information that are difficult to manage. But applying big data analytics to these data can offer us with greater key insights. By quickly applying analytics to large amounts of data, health providers can provide more accurate diagnosis and better treatment options instantly.


In certain government agencies, the tightening of the budget without compromising quality and productivity leads to a big challenge. Big data analytics can be of great help to the government in making public policies and law enforcement. Applying analytics to a large amount of data, we can easily identify the areas that require our focus more importantly. This can provide much better opportunities for the employees.


Customer service plays a vital role in the retail industry. If there is no proper customer service provided your business will be left out. The retailers need to understand what exactly a customer need from them and act accordingly. Big data analytics can be applied to limitless data that is available in a retail shop such as frequently bought items by a customer, loyalty program, etc. Thus retailers can gain an in-depth understanding of their customers and recommend new products based on their interest to boost profitability.

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Author: Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Jack ( Content Writer )

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