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5 Reasons Why HTML5&CSS3 Combination is so Popular


Need For Hybrid Programming:

Using hybrid programming is not something that’s new or unique. When business owners try to give their business a global reach, their website is their primary digital asset. This is why even large enterprises in manufacturing and retail still seek out web designers and developers to get a really attractive website that would be a reflection of the enterprise itself.

It is then the responsibility of the Web expert to provide the enterprise with a website that is relevant to their business goals. It is also the responsibility of the developer to make it certain that the website is completely functional and easy for the users to navigate. Creating such websites requires not just expertise but also the right tools.

Evolution of Languages:

HTML has evolved a long way from its first version. Today, HTML5 is their latest with the most technically advanced features. The changes that were brought in this version were relevant and satisfied the demands on the internet users in recent times. Hosting media, particularly videos has become far easy with HTML5. It has come as the perfect option for people looking to replace flash.

CSS similar to HTML has evolved with the changing times. CSS3, the latest version has amazing features and gives designers great options to create visually stunning websites. Some of the features added in the latest version include Transition and Transformation Properties, Text-Shadow Properties, Multiple Tone Background, Rounded Corners, Transparency, Box Shadows and many more.

The attributes and features of both the languages complement each other to create websites that are suited to the demands of the Smartphone user. Not just that. A website that works seamlessly across various platforms and all devices running on varied operating systems is what the enterprises like to showcase as the digital front of their business.


With millions of websites in the internet, HTML5 and CSS3 help developers create websites and applications with a readable code that is semantically accurate. This also makes the website incredibly customizable giving designers endless options. Here are 5 reasons why the combination of using HTML5 and CSS3 is so popular with developers and designers.

1. Great for SEO:

When the code is semantically accurate, it is easily read by Search Engines as well. Without readable code the quality and strategy of content does not take effect. HTML5 has features that make it easier for websites to be indexed in Search Engines and get a higher ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

2. Multi-platform and Cross-Browser consistency:

Your website looks and works great on platforms, and browsers. This is made possible by using a single batch of code that works across all platforms. Expert web designers use a hybrid approach through which web standards are set with a native application wrapper that can be placed in all platforms either iOS, Android, or Windows. The combination also allows creation of websites that are compatible with all browsers making web applications available for everyone to access.

3. Generate Business Intelligence:

The combination allows site administrators to gather business intelligence with ease. You can now track what your customers are doing on your website, their behavior, actions and much more. You can use this data to derive insights to improve your website and optimize it to attract and retain customers while increasing business prospects.

4. Offline access:

HTML5 creates cache for websites on browser data so they could be accessed offline as well. This works great for websites that likes to provide light content for users on the move. Users can now read site’s content whenever they like to; even when they are not using the internet. This is has become a major boost for the media and news industry.

5. Tapping into Video Potential:

Statistics on social media show about 60% of all content consumed online is through simple but effective videos. With HTML5 you can now host and distribute video content natively with ease. Inclusion of native video content on a website also boosts SEO activity and ranking. Unique and informative video content is ranked higher across all search engines following a common trend.

Apart from these reasons, HTML5 and CSS3 have several other advantages that together enables developers to create websites and web applications that offer a great user experience. At InteractiveUX, we are a company that is obsessed with creating digital assets that offer a great user experience. Professionals at InteractiveUX are updated with the latest internationally approved best practices in developing websites with HTML5 and CSS3.

Working across several industrial verticals with numerous businesses has given us the experience and versatility to provide our clients with custom solutions that are in line with their business objectives. Drawing from our international pool of talent, we provide swift and cost-effective solutions that are apt for every business.
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