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What Happens Post Implementation of ERP


Many businesses and solution providers believe that their work ends once the ERP system goes live. Then it is up to the business to maintain and work towards making their ERP implementation successful. This is however the attitude of service providers who are just looking for monetary gain. Some service providers on the other hand would want to ensure the ERP solution that they implemented is running successfully and the company is making a reasonable ROI with the help of the solution.

This is why Post implementation activities are important. There are several post implementation activities and all of them are important in ensuring a the expected ROI which was promised before the start of the project. First, we would discuss the most important activities that are part of ERP post implementation processes.

1. Post Implementation Review:

The very first activity after your ERP goes live should be a post implementation review. During the review, the service providers, core team within the organization, and the stake holders should get together and discuss about what went right, what went wrong, what the changes were, and what lessons were learnt. A review helps everyone to understand their own performance more than anything else. This would help avoid the errors that were committed here on future projects.

2. Consultant Transitions:

Here again, the job of the consultant is not over once the software goes live, though it is highly reduced. You should have had a clear picture about what your service providers’ post implementation hours and charges were. During this phase, consultants would transition their duties to your core team members. But, by the end of the knowledge transition process, your core team should be well versed in handling all the questions about technical and process aspects of the software.

3.Quarterly Review Training:

This is the time to check if the software is indeed taking your organization in its intended path. It also a time to provide an update training where the end users in your organization would be trained to explore and use even more features in the software. This is also a good to remind your users “what’s in it for me” advantage to encourage them to make the best use of your solution. Some companies even record these training sessions and present it to their new employees when needed.

4. Backlog Review:

When you are working on agile environment, some user requests could not be processed during the development stage for various reasons. It could be because it was out of scope but nice to have, or in some cases these requests were reduced in priority because of the deadline was too close. During the backlog review, the right time for the delivery of these aspects and functionalities could be decided upon. You can either put these requests in the next major update or the next release. But some companies choose to follow the agile methodology even for processing backlog requiests.

5. Maintenance Plan:

To ensure success of your ERP implementation over a long period of time, you would require maintenance. Updates in the software could be delivered as part the maintenance as part of regular quarterly or semiannual reviews. You should understand if these updates would require additional training or could it accommodated along with the quarterly review training sessions. Should also keep track on your development capability as there would be ongoing bug fixes and other issues to resolve as well for your development team.

As we have mentioned the most important activities as part of ERP post implementation process, there are several other aspects as well which need to given appropriate attention. To get the perfect ERP implementation, and post implementation, contact XCEL Corp today.

Bhavani Suri ( Content Writer)

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