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Why Do Small Business Need Big Data?


Big Data solutions are taking the business world by storm. The potential ROI Big Data Solutions provide for businesses are the important reason why many large enterprises around the world have implemented Big Data Solutions. Big data could be leveraged in numerous ways to benefit the business from minor optimizations to revamping the entire business model of an enterprise.

While the importance of Big Data to large enterprises is quite visible, what does big data offer to small businesses? A recent online study claims that up to 70% of all businesses, especially small businesses do not use any form of Big Data solutions. There are two common reasons why small businesses shy away from Big Data solutions. They are cost and scalability.

Many small businesses believe the cost of implementing Big Data solutions for their company would not provide an effective ROI. There is also the complexity of numbers. Small Businesses like to keep their operations simple and not having to serious number crunching. So, here are 3 major reasons why small businesses need Big Data Solutions.

1. Understanding Your Audience/Customers:

Understanding customer needs and knowing what the customer thinks about your products and services are vital for the growth and sustainability of all organizations irrespective of size or scale. Understanding your audience is very simple through Big Data when Social Media is used.

These days, customers are vocal about their grievances and experiences about different products and services they use on social media. Using simple Big Data tools, you can leverage this information to make changes to your businesses to serve and impress your customers better.

2. Removing “Gut-Feeling” from decision Making:

Using Big Data solutions, small businesses could make well informed business decisions. Traditionally, people prefer to make market predictions through gut-feeling on how they feel the market is going to change in the future. However, with big data, it is easier to understand the trends in the market and arrive at a plan of action where your business could be placed at more competitive position in the market.

It is especially important for small businesses that are competing for market share with large enterprises. Positioning your products and services based on market trends discovered through Big Data could help your business take advantage of the recent trends in the market.

3. Solutions Friendly to Small Businesses:

Many big data solution providers from well established IT giants like IBM, SAS, and Microsoft, to small start ups have understood the importance of making Big Data available to small businesses. With the advent of cloud, these companies have made great progress in making big data solutions affordable for small businesses.

Another way these companies are making Big Data available to small businesses is by removing the need of technical expertise to understand and use Big Data Solutions. Small Businesses cannot afford to place highly qualified technical staff just to manage and use Big Data solutions. With Self-Service solutions, now big data is available for small businesses to take advantage of.


Big Data solutions are not just for large enterprises but are also effective to small businesses as well. XCEL Solutions Corp of Matawan, New Jersey specializes in providing affordable big data solutions for small businesses in the region. With 17+ years of experience in the industry and footprint across 4 continents, Jit Goel’s XCEL Corp where small businesses get world-class Big Data solutions that are also incredibly cost effective.

Bhavani Suri ( Content Writer)

Our in-house content writer, who develops and creates content marketing strategies. She writes about the latest trends and advances related to IT in particular, and Technology in general.

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