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How to ensure success in Data Warehousing Projects?


A Data Warehouse is a very important aspect of any business today. Data warehouses not only helps in segregating and securely storing data, it also integrates the data from different sources to derive actionable business insights. When you say actionable insights, the insights derived from your data warehouse should be reliable to depict actual business situations. These depictions and predictions are the business intelligence that decision makers need to improve their business and organization.

To enjoy the benefits of a truly intuitive and integrated Data Warehouse, the implementation process has to be performed with the right expertise. But you should understand that your data warehouse will not be error free right from day 1. But there are ways in which you can minimize the mistakes. While there no two similar data warehouse projects, there are however few common mistakes that can happen during all Data Warehouse implementation process.

Being aware about such mistakes and learning the ways to avoid them can expedite the completion of Data Warehousing projects. If you want to complete your Data Warehouse Projects, you should be aware of these important tips.

1. Be prepared to fix bugs continuously:

As clients, you may be very easily annoyed if your data warehouse has bugs right from the start but it is the duty of the service provider to inform you that there is no way you have a completely functional database without any bugs right from the start. The service provider should communicate clearly to the end users to look for problems and report them immediately. Then they could work on fixing the bugs quickly as and when they arise making your data warehouse efficient iteratively.

2. Try to be different from the existing one:

This is actually a debatable opinion but from our experience here at XCEL Corp, we usually don’t follow the visuals or the functionality of the existing ones. There are many reasons why we choose to so including innovation, creativity, and improved quality of services. But, the main reason remains that we are not willing to be bound by the limitations of the existing solution. We always ensure we use only the latest technology for the solutions we provide. We also like to cover extra functionalities which might be lacking in the previous version. We also provide new insights which will be relevant to the organization while removing the ones which are not put to use by the organization.

3. Deadlines Should be Set by the Solution Provider:

This is where many solution providers go wrong. Just to please the client, many solution providers agree to difficult timelines where they would not have considered all the possibilities and the challenges. Such deadlines will never be kept and when they are forced to do so, the solution would not be as efficient as it should be. This is why it is important for the solution provider to set the deadline after considering the various different processes. This way the project manager would be the one who drives the project and not the client increasing the chances of implementing a far more efficient solution.

4. Start Only after you have clear established goal:

The goal for implementing a new data warehouse or replace an existing database should be established clearly during the planning stages. The design of the solution should be finalized before the implementation process begins. Once the finalization is complete, the project manager should make the stakeholders aware about the end results and create the right expectations. This will help remove scope creep issues while helping you to focus on achieving the final results. This also frees up time to add functionalities on the way.

5. Keep it Simple:

As a experts in technology, we try to give the very best of technology to the users of the solution we create. This is beneficial as the users get to experience the latest technology. But there is a far greater problem. As with any changes and upgrades the end users are usually reluctant to change and when the technology is completely new, they would feel like drowning. This is why the solution should be thought out from the perspective of the end user. End user involvement is also another important aspect as it gives you the idea about how the end user perceives the solution and the benefit they see in using it.

One of the best ways to ensure successful Data Warehouse implementation is by choosing to work with the experts. XCEL Corp has over 15 years of experience in implementing state of the art data warehouses in numerous organizations around the world.

We follow internationally approved best practices and are experts in the latest technologies that power the most efficient data warehouses. If you are wondering about how data warehousing has a part to play in small businesses, you can read our blog here. If you would want to know about the mistakes in Data Warehouse implementation, you can read our blog about the subject here.

Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing specialist )

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