Data visibility is extremely crucial for the growth of an organization. Companies have to think beyond regulations and protection to enforce visibility and acquire full control over operations and subsequently, performance. Measure your goals and adjust them according to your requirements. With regulatory changes such as the GDPR, already being imposed, this can affect the breadth of your operations especially for those that deal with companies in Europe.

Non-visibility of data is akin to driving your car through a thick dense fog and not being able to visualize what lies ahead. There are high possibilities of losing your way and not reaching your destination.

Business goals are distorted due to the lack of data visibility. Timely access and monitoring of data with clear discernibility can mitigate risk and improve business operations. Inadequate and inconsistent data perceptibility can lead to poor organizational decision-making. Data should be optimized to gain business insights especially if data is voluminous and complex.

With clear data visibility across the business ecosystem, opportunities can be instantly identified as risks can be mitigated.

XCEL Corp provides applications that help companies produce silos of data while maintaining data security. We ensure that only the organization’s primary business unit users have full access.

Proactive action

Businesses inspired to go digital and currently running on B2B processes have to extend them to be integrated with enterprise applications. along with these, strong process automation helps deliver end-to-end data visibility. With comprehensive data flows, throughout every business process, there is complete data visibility and each activity can be visualized in totality or isolation.

Some of the most common scenarios where XCEL Corp provides beneficial end-to-end data visibility are:

  • Procurement and spending: Multiple metric systems are used to evaluate supplier performance
  • Order management and fulfillment: Consolidating all orders across disparate channels and tracking them across B2B and B2C scenarios
  • Compliance: Monitoring financial processes while streamlining the treasury with the required identity credit; without replicating data in multiple places, we also apply other forms of validation

Features of end-to-end data visibility

It is not enough to focus on connectivity alone. You must ensure that data analytics tools are supported by clean data that is derived from a variety of sources.

  • Easy accessibility to crucial data through Personalized Dashboards and other filters
  • Specific transactions should be available quickly with the help of Multiple Search Options
  • Data movement should be detectable across different stages of the business process
  • Disruptions in data flow must be followed by Alerts
  • B2B and A2A integration trending and trendline comparisons
  • Usage of easy and secure dashboards for data collaboration and transfer to internal and external partners
  • Sensitive payload data should be encrypted

Advantages of data visibility

Systems overview

Making everything detectable is the primary aim of data visibility. With this, organizations can gauge the usage of resources and their impact on projects – both ongoing and upcoming. This also provides administrators and users at various levels to visualize data enabling them to deliver on time, making project launches extremely effective.

Making smart decisions

The more the clarity, the better the decision-making. While understanding the full range of options available for you, informed and educated choices can be made at the right moment. Accessibility to the appropriate project data will allow companies to identify prospective threats thus, also enabling you to adjust and plan the project accordingly.

Comfort levels

Lack of transparency is one of the primary grievances in a corporation that is devoid of visibility. End-to-end visibility ensures effective teamwork and efficient outputs. Cut down on poor decision-making and increase success rates.


Also regarded as a core element of your security strategy, data transparency allows you to visualize the potential soft spots in your security system. It is only when there is visibility that security is possible. Put all your resources to test against vulnerabilities to avoid any mishap of data.

Interdepartmental alignments

Especially for production, you will be able to align both operations and sales data and unlock the value of your business. Redundant data entry is eliminated while revision-controlled and accurate information is ensured.

Increase in outputs

Data-driven manufacturing is empowered with visibility, which in turn, augments outputs and business growth. There is sustained process improvement and business collaboration with data collection standards. Furthermore, silos can be eliminated and if viable, data can be converted into object-oriented files as well.

XCEL Corp uses efficient migration engines to encourage manufacturing and production.

Companies must know that it is important to choose the right partner, with optimum technology, data quality, and integrity who makes sure that visibility is prioritized. XCEL Corp is a data-driven organization that understands the intricacies and importance of data and makes a difference by letting you gain a competitive advantage.

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