maintaining quality through security

Maintaining Quality through Security


Network security means to protect your systems against hacking and unauthorized changes of the files in the computer network. It ensures business productivity by assuring the integrity and performance of the firm’s network from misuse, malware, ransomware and fraud. It increases the organisation’s productivity by gaining customer confidence. Programmers should look for bugs during the development process. A security developer is someone who develops security software and experienced security software developers look at software design from a security perspective. Limiting data access to employees and installing the software will prevent cyber attacks in an organization. For developers, security is needed at every step of their process from the planning stage, design, and development up until testing. The programmers’ team also prioritizes fixing security bugs for cyber security purposes. Google cloud is designed with new capabilities to protect its data against online fraud. Big companies like Marriott and Facebook have faced cyber breaches as early as 2019. The price of the company falls after a breach by about 7.27%, on an average. Cyber security software includes Netscape, dark trace etc. There are free software’s also available such as GNU privacy guard, Wire shark. 41% of a cyber breach happens to smaller organization. Network security plays an important role in every organization.

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