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How Does Big Data Work its Magic in Customer Relations?


The value of your brand is measured by how your customers perceive your brand. Major brands around the world are using Big Data to retain and serve their customers better. Many examples in e-commerce show how customer behavior is tracked and relevant information is displayed for the customers to make easier choices while purchasing.

In the past, people preferred to purchase products and take services from locally owned and operated businesses for their personalized approach. With the advent of e-commerce and large scale retail chains, business owners strived to provide personalized services to create a competitive advantage over the locally owned businesses.

Big Data is their major solution to collect, store, and analyze information about their customers to provide personalized customer service. Using big data effectively enable businesses to form a personal link with their customers and channelize their services as per the customer requirements. There are many ways Big Data could play an important role in customer relations. Here are some of the most important ways:

1. Predictions:

All companies need to achieve one common goal, to increase customer purchases. When a certain customer interacts with your e-commerce portal, you can collect information about their location, purchasing ability or price range, products they viewed, and products they are interested in. Some sites even collect information about the other sites which the customers may visit before purchasing the product they intended to buy.

Businesses could use this information to showcase a wide range of products which the customers may be interested in. Showing such products has made customers to purchase 30% more products according to a research on e-commerce. Predictions also improve customer trust on your brand as they understand you track and analyze their behavior on your site.

Even popular free sites like Youtube and Facebook make suggestions and recommendations using big data. So, next time when you watch a recommended video on Youtube or view a suggested friend on Facebook, remember it is Big Data working its magic.

2. Attract Customers with Personal Information:

With smart watches and other mobile devices providing users with extensive personal information, people are becoming more aware about themselves and are always interested in their own personal data. Device manufacturers like FuelBand or Fitbit have cashed in on this phenomenon to provide users with extensive personal data about their health and fitness.

Apart from health and fitness, some applications are used to manage and monitor your finances as well. There are numerous digital wallets that could help you to learn how you have spent your money and where. This information is then collected and stored by these applications to suggest better ways to save and spend your money.

This helps to brands to create brand loyalty. When customers are aware that you could provide reliable personal information about them, they become hooked to it and use your services regularly. In a highly competitive market, retaining your customers could be very expensive, big data could be used to accomplish this with ease.

3. Improve Customer Interactions:

Big Data becomes a mandatory necessity in customer interactions. When your customers contact your support center, Big Data helps your personnel to cater to your customers’ requirements. When customers start contacting you, you invariably create a data base about their queries. With big data solutions, this data could be leveraged to address customer questions in the future.

Big Data also enables your customer support personnel to provide better and well informed help. They could quickly identify the problem and initiate guidance to address the customers’ needs. This helps your brand, your product, and your services to get better recognition with your audience. When you have product or service that would require effective customer support, big data could provide you with insights for you to interact with your customers better.

While customers are aware that their personal information is being stored, they are also becoming increasingly suspicious of what businesses do with their personal data. When you are providing customer support through big data, you have to careful to not reveal any unethical information about your customers.

4. Precautionary Measures:

Big data helps you to identify common problems faced by your customers to enable you to take necessary precautionary measures to prevent difficulty. Any good businesses should be able to address the most common difficulty of a major section their customers. They should be able to do this to be successful, because when your customers identify a problem that is common with your brand, they would sure look for other options.

With Big Data, you can identify the pain points of your customers with ease. Making the necessary changes suggested by big data could help improve your brand image. For example, a common problem with food delivery apps is getting the right food which you have ordered for. Using big data tools, these apps have implemented methods of tracking their customer’s orders to ensure that they get only what they have ordered for.

5. Leaps and Bounds in Healthcare:

Health care is a demanding field in data sciences. Infinite amounts of data are being collected by health care professionals about their patients, treatment administered, and also about their lifestyle and health history. Big Data could be used to identify pandemics and epidemics earlier to improve prevention of infectious diseases.

Big Data is also used to disburse latest treatment methods for long standing diseases like diabetics or hypertension. Big Data has been already used to identify gene sequences which help health care professionals to understand which genes are more prone to diseases and the different treatment options provided for patients with similar genes.

Applications of Big Data in health care and medicine, even though extensive has many new avenues left to explore. With effective insights, medical professionals could provide highly successful and personalized treatment options for everyone.


Big Data has become a major buzzword in the digital industry recently. There are numerous service providers who claim to implement the best big data solutions for all industries. However, to achieve the most out of your big data solution, you have to ensure that the solution that you have subscribed is able to provide you with the right actionable insights.

XCEL Solutions Corp of Matawan, New Jersey is among the global leaders in IT solutions. We have implemented highly efficient big data solutions with numerous SMBs and Large Multinational Corporations and even several of the Fortune 500 companies. With over 17 years of experience in IT, XCEL Corp provides cost effective and glitch free big data solutions that could help you serve your customers the best way possible.

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Since 1997, Mr. Goel has been the primary driving force behind XCEL Solutions Corp. He writes to share his un-paralleled knowledge, expertise, and insight in the world of IT.

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