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5 Reasons How Quality Assurance Accelerates Digital Transformation



The importance of quality assurance is well understood by many organizations, but what they are not aware about is how it could aid in accelerating the digital transformation of your business. Time is the most important factor for businesses that are considering digital transformation. Quality assurance could impact the speed of digital transformation in many ways.

Here are 5 important ways in which Quality Assurance accelerates digital transformation.

Easier to incorporate automation:

Quality Assurance is evolving with the changing technologies. Today, QA is performed with a much different approach against the traditional approach. QA is looked at as automation from an entire life-cycle point of view. This enables products to be tested not just according to product design specifications but also through customer experience. Automation of QA leads to faster automation of business processes in an organization leading to faster turnaround times for digital transformation.

Faster detection of Bugs:

Effective implementation of QA leads to organizations becoming much more efficient. It improves process transparency, and better attention to detail. Over a period of time, the QA personnel of an organization become more adept at spotting bugs quickly. This reduces redundant iterations speeding the process of digital transformation.

Leverage Big Data:

QA teams in an organization are responsible for building frameworks of security, data integrity, and privacy. This enables organizations to de-code large amounts of data with ease. With this new ability to make better use of data, businesses are more confident in making decisions faster and trusting insights. During transformation, large amounts of unorganized data could be a huge problem. However, with effective QA, data could be complied and put to best use.

Improve Performance and Security:

The primary benefit of QA is to get assured quality as the name suggests. Quality Assurance ensures that the applications are capable of handling all the various work-loads cast upon it. QA helps organizations not to falter during crunch times and reduce downtime. This could be a great aid for organizations that are undergoing digital transformation. Proper QA practices ensure that there is no downtime and handle crisis situations better.

Improve Brand Image:

QA aids testing to be embedded iteratively which results in faster time to market for applications. Organizations could improve their brand image by creating products that take much lesser time to market. This improves your brand’s standing with your customers. When you are well recognized by your customers, it helps you to disperse more products and services digitally improving the speed of your digital transformation.

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At XCEL Corp, we implement QA practices right from the beginning of the life-cycle and provide necessary support at every step of your way. Contact us today for incorporating best-in-class QA practices for your enterprise.

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