Women in Information Technology



Women's in Information technologyWomen play an important role in today’s technology. A Harvard review suggests that organizations with no female board member yielded less net income growth and less return on equity than at least one female board member. According to the National Center for Women and National Technology, with only a male workforce, the IT industry will not be able to fulfill even half of it’s requirements. Women should be encouraged to pursue their career in the IT industry by providing them feasible and accessible education degree which will help them meet market demands and growing needs of the economy, at large. Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, and Virginia Rometty, CEO and President of IBM,  often speak about the gender bias. Marissa Mayer who graduated from Northwestern University, Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo,Susan Wojcicki, Sr. Vice President of Google where google got it’s start,Meg Whitman, Chief Operating Officer of Hewlett-Packard, Brina Lee who worked at Walt Disney, and was also the first female engineer at Instagram, are few women who have made their place in an otherwise male-dominant industry.There is a shortage of 400,000 women in UK in the IT industry. In major companies like Microsoft women workforce percentage is about 27% and Netflix – 47%. Gender discrimination is shrinking at present but is still rampant, we could say.

We wish all these powerful women in IT a very Happy Women’s Day!

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