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Advantages of the Top 3 CMS – WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla


Content Management Systems make websites accessible to even non technical people who like to update content and share information and data with everyone. When you have decided to use a CMS based website for your business, the next step is to decide which system would best suit your needs. Among the top content management systems, WordPress holds more than half at 58.4% of CMS websites in the world. It is followed by Joomla at 7.2%, and Drupal at 4.8 %.

These statistics are not surprising because WordPress powers 26.4% of all websites on the internet. So, one can easily say WordPress is simply the most dominant CMS in the world and everyone should use it. However, that is not how you should choose the CMS system for your website. The choice should be made after understanding which system gives your business an advantage.

Many articles and blogs on the internet are written to showcase one system’s advantage over the other. Most of them directly or indirectly point towards WordPress. This is because these blogs are written to drive people to the services the particular company provides and negate the service which they are not good at. Here at XCEL Corp and InteractiveUX, we have specially dedicated teams for each service who have complete expertise and command of each of these content management systems.

During the course of this blog, we are not going to point out to a particular system rather we would like to address each of these systems individually and present the advantages each of them possess.


  • Easy for everyone:

One of the major reasons for the success of WordPress is that it could be used by anyone even with little or limited technical knowledge.

  • SEO Friendly:

Today, search rankings are the most important statistics for a website. It shows how relevant your website is for the audience who search for you or your services. WordPress has incredible Search Engine Optimization options which, when used right, could improve your SEO rankings a great deal.

  • Unmatched Support:

Even for open-source standards, the support for WordPress is readily available. The international support community for WordPress will help you to figure out any problem you may face with your CMS.

  • Responsiveness:

WordPress’ themes are mobile friendly and good for creating mobile responsive websites. With a wide range of themes to choose from, users can rely on WordPress for highly responsive websites.


  • Great Admin Interface:

Joomla has probably the most powerful admin interface. While powerful, it also surprisingly user friendly and is great for managing large amounts of data on the website like news and articles.

  • Active Developer Community:

Joomla’s developer community is very active. This becomes an advantage for the users of this CMS as the community frequently launches plug-ins and extensions for free.

  • Valuable Extensions:

Joomla offers easy to use extensions which could be used to improve your website. It includes templates, components, plug-ins, and languages so give you diversity in customizations.

  • E-Commerce Friendly:

Joomla is the easiest CMS for e-commerce websites. The various extensions it offers helps you to manage all your products and content from one place.


  • Incredible Versatility:

Drupal offers incredible scalability and flexibility to create and manage websites of all sizes. With Drupal, you can build your website just the way you want.

  • Better Speed:

Drupal sites take lesser time to load with cache. There are also options like memcache, APC, Varnish which advanced websites could take advantage off to improve their site’s performance.

  • Enterprise Ready:

There is a reason why many of the world’s busiest websites use drupal. The reason is that with Drupal, you can increase the size of your website very easily.

  • Handle Multiple Sites:

Drupal brings the unique feature of Multi-site which helps developers to copy and use the code from one site to multiple sites. Through difficult in practice, expert developers could leverage this to its full advantage.

As we had already mentioned, each of the systems have their own unique advantages. Choosing from the top 3 is a choice you have to live with till your website stays online. You can learn more about CMS website development, at our website.

Bhavani Suri ( Content Writer)

Our in-house content writer, who develops and creates content marketing strategies. She writes about the latest trends and advances related to IT in particular, and Technology in general.

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