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Cloud Application Development Services

The Cloud is critical for an enterprise’s digital transformation and success. Get ready! The Cloud revolution is here.

XCEL CORP is the #1 source for Cloud IT infrastructure, cloud-enabled services and consumption models. Today, business adaptability, agility, and time-to-market are considered as proven strategies to success. And this can be achieved only with customized cloud computing solutions. For greater convenience, reliability, and assurance, it is imperative to choose a cloud strategy that aligns to your specific goals. As comprehensive Cloud Computing solutions providers, XCEL Corp helps customers to recognize the power of a solution-based approach through the cloud. Access all data, services, and applications over the internet thus lending users the ability to work from anywhere.

Advantages of XCEL Corp’s Cloud Computing Services

Disaster Recovery
Another crucial aspect of a data-based organization is disaster recovery. We anticipate disasters and eliminate every unproductive downtime besides providing quick data recovery facilities.
Increased Cost Efficiency
One of the predominant benefits of our Cloud Computing is cost efficiency. Get your applications to the market quickly, without having to worry about infrastructure or maintenance costs.
Enhances collaboration
For enterprises where collaboration is the key, information can be shared easily across boundaries, while determining the level of controls.
Greater Flexibility
Customized applications and scalable services that enable users to access our cloud services with the mere presence of an internet connection.
Automatic Updates
Our cloud-based services refresh themselves to provide the regular roll-out of the latest software updates.
Competitive edge
Cloud Computing is fast catching up and eventually, it will be the new-fangled IT technology that will become the norm. Cloud-based solutions definitely render data at your fingertips, enabling faster execution and yet greater productivity.
Data Security
While eliminating every potential for data loss, we also provide greater security with our Cloud Computing Solutions. The Encryption and API keys ensure better and improved security.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

You can rely on XCEL Corp to put your best foot forward. Our cloud strategy and consulting services will direct you towards the most appropriate cloud adoption while mitigating every risk and ascertaining industry compliance. Choose from a range of models like public, private and hybrid cloud along with the offerings against them such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Besides these, we also provide strategized cloud security, architecture, and management services for your enterprise.

Cloud Application Services

Differentiate your business and let your applications be your organization’s driving force with XCEL Corp’s Cloud Application Services. We will modernize all your traditional approaches and develop refreshed cloud-native applications to execute your strategic goals easily and quickly. While placing them on robust cloud platforms, we will also power it with the cloud to provide better products, better services, and impressive customer experiences. Our end-to-end cloud application services include development, integration, testing, API, DevOps, and microservices architecture.

Infrastructure & Implementation

For most organizations building a cloud infrastructure that is cost-effective, flexible and scalable, is a daunting task. However, this is extremely important to comply with IT’s ‘AS A SERVICE’ model. XCEL Corp understands these complexities and takes a holistic approach towards cloud infrastructure and implementation issues. We plan, strategize, design, implement and integrate IaaS solutions across multiple cloud environments while dealing with architectural and investing realities, comprehensively. We extend our implementations to provide services through the Oracle Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure and much more.

Cloud Software Services

XCEL Corp’s Cloud Software Services covers the entire gamut of critical backend business processes in the SaaS space. We strategize every SaaS model to provide endless capabilities through Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and others. With deep technical and project management expertise, we provide best-in-class solutions with a clear focus on results.

Cloud Management Services

Get greater operational agility and IT governance with XCEL Corp’s Cloud Management services. This also helps organizations achieve denser integrations through the cloud infrastructure. We build frameworks to effectively manage your cloud environments to ensure that all your resources are functioning optimally. With greater definition and deployment, we leverage automated cloud management systems across all platforms while protecting your assets against risks.

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