XCEL Corp is committed to deliver world-class solutions through progressive and innovative technology that propel our clients to achieve their IT strategy and business goals.

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IT Consulting Services

Defeat your competition and exceed expectations by taking this journey of transformation and profitability

XCEL Corp offers impressive IT consulting services to clients spanning across multiple industries. Those who have availed of our services, have recorded repeated gains and reaped the benefits of our world-class consulting methodologies. With unfathomable industry knowledge, we are an unequivocal choice as technology partners and solution providers within the IT domain. As a general rule, we don’t just help our clients with a mere solution, we help them outperform their competitors while adding value through strategy, innovation, and implementation. We boast of our ability to take on challenges with passion and fervor with the help of a proficient team of experts who are also our core strength.


Our IT strategy consulting services are designed to confer prominent benefits that serve as masterpieces. XCEL Corp assuages all your doubts by providing full cycle project management right from acquisition to training and knowledge transfer.

Experience and Expertise

When you hire us, you can be assured of greater experience and better expertise due to our collective knowledge. We employ experienced IT personnel specialized across many fields within the IT realm. Our shared experience and expertise ensure that you get the latest and most effective technology while alleviating any threats. We establish a convincing degree of scalability to each solution.

Increased Security

Technology is forever vulnerable to online security threats and cyber-attacks. Without any discrimination to business size, trained experts and specialists at XCEL Corp provide you with the best internet security solution to protect your company’s data against potentially calamitous threats.


As accomplished IT consultants, XCEL Corp helps you save on overheads, taxes and other redundant and superfluous costs that companies other spend on, unwittingly. Our team of specialists has the ability to mend faults quicker than others while even ensuring that the same issue does not recur multiple times. We help you control, manage and even mend costs.

Round-the-clock availability

The word DOWNTIME does not feature in our dictionaries. Threats always loom large in the technological world, it is how fast and well, you identify and resolve the damage, is what matters. With our 24/7 monitoring capabilities, we prevent problems and apply fixes before the issue is blown out of proportion. Additionally, we also ensure that no productive work hour is lost on account of technological arrests.

IT Consulting Services

IT and Network Infrastructure

Our infrastructure consulting involves simplified server management that destroys data center sprawls and in contrast, even addresses under-utilization of an existing infrastructure. We also perform virtualized infrastructure optimization processes with a combination of tools that enable organizations to maximize their ROIs and deliver tangible business values. Using critical design modules, we develop technological resilience and cultivate a successful network infrastructure by balancing connectivity, cost, reliability, and functionality.

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

XCEL Corp devises Data Recovery strategies that ensure business continuity. With solid IT management practices, we create resilient and ready IT infrastructures that are flexible to future recovery plans as well.  Furthermore, our comprehensive data backup methodologies, defend data loss through unlimited cloud storage services.

Information Systems Planning

For the impact and effectiveness of technology on their operations, organizations have to adopt strategic information systems plans that are designed to achieve company goals and objectives. XCEL Corp performs Information Systems Planning and Assessments, to facilitate the cogency of existing systems and by acquiring newer ones to align with the organization’s overall mission.

Workflow and Business Process Analysis

Repeated systems and processes in an organization can create redundancies within a workflow leading to inefficiencies. We assess organizational health and provide workflow consulting services focused on addressing superfluity, with process automation that is focused on maximizing returns.

Network Planning: LAN/WAN Design and Implementation

XCEL Corp plans strategizes and develops network designs to securely integrate data and other intelligent network infrastructures while leveraging on newer technologies in order to immortalize your business and makes way for constructive growth.

In addition to all of the above, XCEL Corp also provides internet and website strategy and design services, Hardware and software evaluation and online marketing plans for business visibility and client advancements.

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