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How to Choose the Right Big Data Solution Provider


Big Data solutions have created miracles in the world today. The applications of Big Data in real life would at very least surprise you. Big Data in the past 10 years has gone from a luxurious advantage which some big enterprises implemented, to irreplaceable necessity for all businesses. We have already spoken about how Big Data is powering small business, and also about the most interesting applications of Big Data.

While there are many big data solutions that are readily available on the market, choosing a customized big data solution for your company is much more efficient and is also cost effective in the longer run. You would get suggestions about how readymade big data solutions would cost you lesser and also save time which would be wasted in implementation.

Another major concern with custom big data solution implementation is that custom made solutions have a risk of failure. This is not to say that store bought solutions wouldn’t fail. But a custom big data solution failure is going to hurt your pockets much more than a store bought solution. One important solution to avoid these mistakes is in finding the right big data solution provider.

Here, we will explain 5 important characteristics of the best big data solution providers.

1. Security:

Data is the most valuable commodity in the planet today and security should be the primary requirement in a big data solution. You should choose a solution provider who could provide assurance to uncompromising security. Irrespective of whether your data is stored on premises or on cloud, the uncompromising attitude towards data security should be consistent.

2. Data Compression:

Even by today’s standards, databases are by no means inexpensive. In many cases of big data solutions, data storage becomes the most expensive aspect. This is why you should choose a solution provider who has effective data compression ability. Going by varying industry standards, you would need to store data for may be a couple of years to a decade and all of this data should be stored securely in a compressed state while maintaining integrity.

3. Access to PII:

Personally Identifiable Information is simply the identification data of the users it relates to. Around the world and especially in Europe, data protection laws are bound change in 2018 and you would be needed to produce PII data on demand. So, if you are looking to implement a Big Data Solution now, do ensure that is has easy access to PII.

4. Implementation and Maintenance:

Like we have already mentioned, implementation is where most big data solutions go wrong. Implementation is where most time is also lost. Hence you should look for an experienced solution provider who could do fast and error free implementations. Maintenance is something that many unprofessional solution providers like to skip. As they think once implemented, the job is over. Look for a solution provider who also offers inexpensive maintenance services.

5. Insights and Reporting:

These are the two most important goals of implementing a big data solution. This totally depends on the solution provider you are working with. It is their technology and expertise that results in a solution that provides actionable insights that support expedited business decision making. Reporting helps you to convince people within the organization and helps you in future planning. A good reliable solution is pivotal in effective reporting.

XCEL Corp is among the top Big Data Solution providers in New Jersey and the North East United States. Apart from the 5 important aspects that make a good solution provider, XCEL Corp also has several added advantages.

Through the years, XCEL Corp has won numerous awards for our excellence in proving big data solutions that have catalyzed the growth of several organizations. We have made many businesses self reliant, confident, and much more competitive with our big data solutions.

If you are ready to explore big data solutions, contact XCEL Corp today.

Author: Jit Goel ( President/CEO )

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